Stradbroke Primary Year Groups

FS1 - Nursery and Little Teds

2016/17 Summer 1 Term

Our theme for nursery this half term will be 'Growing'.

We will be exploring spring/summer changes, vegetables/growing and baby animals.

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FS2 - Reception

2016/17 Summer 1 Term

Our topic this half term is 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

We will be learning all there is to know about Dinosaurs!

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Year 1

2016/17 Summer 2 Term

Our topic is 'We're all Going on a Summer Holiday'. We will be looking at the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, making horrible sandwiches as in the story, to deter the pesky seagulls from stealing them.

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Year 2

2016/17 Summer 2 Term

Our topic during Summer 2 term is 'Woodland Creatures'.

We will create woodland homes for a range of animals and create animal paintings, using watercolours to create different effects.

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Year 3

2016/17 Summer Term

This term Year 3 will venture on an amazing journey through time!

We will eventually showcase our learning to parents and carers in our very own Doctor Who Extravaganza.

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Year 4

2016/17 Summer Term

This term we are asking the question, 'Do you dare play Jumanji?'. We have discovered this strange, mysterious board game and will have to solve two step word problems based around addition and subtraction.

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Year 5

2016/17 Summer Term

Our topic for the summer term is Heroes and Villains, incorporating a historical look at crime and punishment.

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Year 6

2016/17 Summer Term

Starting with Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', Y6 will analyse the techniques used in classics such as 'Nosferatu' as they learn about ways to make the audience scared.

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Integrated Resource

2016/17 Spring Term

The topic this term is 'Winter'. We will be exploring the school grounds discovering the plants and animals that live around us, how seasons change and learning about how animals survive in their environments.

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