Attendance 2015/16

Yearly Attendance 2015/16

Yearly attendance: 95.18%

Yeargroup Class % Class %
Little Teds AM 81% PM 67%
Nursery AM 88% PM 83%
Reception Miss Spick 93% Miss Anderson 92%
Y1 Mrs Barnes 96% Miss Garwell/Mrs Pringle 95%
Y2 Miss Kruzynska 94% Miss Herrington 95%
Y3 Mrs Aspinwall 95% Miss Lambert 95%
Y4 Miss Hughes 96% Miss Hastings 95%
Y5 Mr Sandrey 94% Mrs Jasper 95%
Y6 Mr Nash 96% Mr Bavington 97%

Attendance Winners 2015/16 - Summer 2 Term

Well done to the following children who had 96% or above attendance during the Summer 2 half term. They were drawn from a raffle in assembly.

Little Teds/Nursery: Joray F

Reception: Holly B

Year 1: Isobel W

Year 2: Logan St

Year 3: Brett S

Year 4: Katie G

Year 5: Luke C

Year 6: Rianne S-C

Attendance Winners 2015/16 - 100% All Year Winners

Well done to the following children who had 100% attendance for all of the 2015/16 year.

Harry T, Karis S, Dylan H, Emily H

Kiera B, Tyler M, Alexia W, Lucia A

Brandon M, William N, Isabelle H, Reanna C

Aiden G, Lucas M, Leah H, Daniel M

Olivia R, Jack H, Kelsey R