Home Learning

Home Learning During School Closure

To support parents / children during any period of closure as a result of coronavirus, we have provided some Home Learning Packs for each year group.

This page will be continuously updated throughout any period of closure.

Year 2 Home Learning

While the school remains closed, this page will be updated weekly to enable you to access learning with your child at home. There will be tasks set every week for a range of subjects across the curriculum. Alongside these tasks, I urge to look at the guidance appropriate to your child's needs (your child will know which colour group they are in for each subject). This will help you to pitch the work at an appropriate level and help you to understand what to expect from your child. You may also find the supporting resources and list of websites useful.

We would love to see how you are getting on so please feel free to tweet us pictures of your learning to the Year 2 page using @y2_RH_AK. You can do this on our public feed or message us privately and we will be able to get back to you with feedback and additional support if you require it.

All the best from the Year 2 team.

Weekly tasks and resources

Here you will find a timetable of tasks for you to complete each week and the resources required to complete these. You will find useful links that help to explain content and all of the activities can be completed using just a pencil and plain paper.

WB 13th July



Your child will know which colour group they usually work in for each subject. It will be useful to read this and use it alongside the weekly tasks to you can adapt them appropriately.

Supporting materials

These may be useful when completing the different tasks.