All about Stradbroke Primary School

Our Mission Statement

We believe that the fulfilment of a child's potential, in mind body and spirit, can only be achieved by the school and family working together in partnership.

At Stradbroke School we provide an inclusive education. We celebrate diversity and provide everyone with opportunities for life long learning and high achievement.


  • To prepare children for lifelong learning where they can become independent and make a positive contribution to the wider community.
  • To create an inclusive culture where everyone can strive to fulfil their potential.
  • To provide a broad and rich curriculum that is meaningful to children where teaching and learning and resources are always of the highest quality.

Admission To Stradbroke Primary School


The school adheres to the Sheffield Authority admissions policy. This policy can be found in the annual document entitled "A Guide For Parents." This can be obtained from the school office or:

Pupil Support

Children and Young Peoples Directorate

Howden House

Arundel Gate


S1 2JY

Any parent wishing to apply for a place for their child should contact the school office staff who will arrange a visit to see the school at work.

The school admits children from the age of 2 to 11 years. We have a 24 place 2 year old provision (Little Teds). Little Teds is part time; your child will be offered either a morning or afternoon place.

Children attending Little Teds will be given priority for a place in our Nursery.

We also have a 39 place nursery which is based on either a morning or afternoon session comprising of 15 hours per week. Children are admitted to the Nursery (Foundation Stage 1) in the term following their third birthday. The Nursery children are admitted from a waiting list, which is in date of birth order. Please note that a place in our Nursery does not guarantee a place in school.

NB a place at Stradbroke Nursery does not guarantee a place at Stradbroke School.

From September 2011 all children may start school from the September after their fourth birthday which gives parents/carers a greater choice about when your child starts school in Foundation Stage 2 class. Application forms for Foundation Stage 2 must be made using the Children' and Young Person's Service (CYPS) form which can be provided by the Nursery, through the school office or directly from the LA. From September 2001 class sizes in FS2 and KS1 have been restricted by law to 30 or below.

The Children and Young People's Admission Team deal with all mainstream admissions into school, please ensure that you have filled in an application form, which can be collected from school, whether you are in our catchment area or outside it.

At the end of Year 6 most of our children transfer to Outwood Academy, City school on Stradbroke Road. Application information will be provided by the LA in the July of Year 5.

NB a place at Stradbroke School does not guarantee a place at Outwood.

Integrated Resource

We also have an Integrated Resource for children with significant and/or complex learning difficulties. These children can come from a wider area as well as the school's catchment area, and already have a Statement of Special Educational Needs when they join the Resource Unit.

The aim is to enable these children to live and work with other children from the mainstream school. They will work either in the classroom or in a small withdrawal group. We aim to give these children, like others, full access to the National Curriculum. Naturally, their work will be differentiated and they may work at a different pace to mainstream children.

Admissions for children with a statement are dealt with directly by the SEN team not the school. Parents wanting to look round the Integrated Resource must have been recommended to do so by the SEN team prior to visiting the school.

When Will My Child Start School?

All 4 year old children can start school, full or part-time, in the September following their 4th birthday. Parents may defer entry to school until compulsory school age if they wish, i.e. the term after the child's 5th birthday, within the same academic year, at the point they judge their child to be ready to start school.

For further information on admissions please contact school.

How Will I Find Out More About This?

In the term, prior to your child starting at school, there will be a new parents meeting. Here you will:

  • Be able to meet the appropriate staff.
  • Receive an information pack about starting school.
  • Be shown around the school.
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • You are always welcome to call in / telephone if you have any other queries.

How Will My Child Get Used To School?

Towards the end of the term prior to your child starting school, your child will be invited to spend several sessions in their reception class.

This is to give them a feel of the way things are organised.

PLEASE REMEMBER to contact school if you have any further questions - we will try to help you!