The Integrated Resource 2018/19

Hello and welcome to the IR!

A warm welcome to all our returning pupils and also to our new starters! We aim to provide a friendly, calm place to learn.

Staff in the Integrated Resource this year:

Miss Ambler - IR Lead


Mrs Aspinwall - Class Teacher

Mrs Crowther - Teaching Assistant

Louise MacFarlene - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Robinson - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jasper - Class Teacher

Mr Rowling - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Spelten - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Walker - Teaching Assistant

Staff supporting both classes

Mrs Booth - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Myers - Teaching Assistant

Additional staff will sometimes support in the classes.

Autumn 1

The topic this half term is 'Autumn'. We will be exploring the school grounds discovering the plants and animals that live around us, how seasons change and learning about growing and harvesting food.

Squirrels will be learning: to recognise and write our names, identify and label features of the body comparing how we are the same and different. We will be learning the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

In maths, we will be learning to count accurately, recognise and write numbers to 10 and 20 and describe the position of an object using a variety of words to describe the size and shape of objects.

Owls will start by learning: how to plan and write a recount about their holidays. We will then be learning the story of 'Foxly's Feast' by Owen Davey identifying character, inferring the characters actions and emotions and inventing our own narrative to accompany the pictures.

In maths we will be learning to recognise place value, ordering and comparing numbers. We will then focus on addition and subtraction.