FS1 Nursery and Little Teds 2019/20

A warm welcome to old and new starters in both Little Teds and Nursery.

Staff working in Foundation Stage 1 this year are:

Teacher :

Miss Helen Spick

Key workers :

Miss Emma Dolby (Full time)

Mrs Jess Wilson (Part-time: Mon-Tues-Wed), Mrs Toni Booth (Part-time: Wed-Thurs-Fri)

Miss Georgia Evans (Full-time: Level 3 apprentice).

Staff in Little Teds are:

Mrs Lisa Bower (Leader)

Miss Kirsty Shore and Miss Charlotte White

Planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA): My PPA will be on a Wednesday afternoon. During this time children will be taught by Mrs Humphries.

Autumn 1

To start of this new school year we are welcoming back old friends and settling in new.

As a focus this autumn term we will be looking at 'Traditional Stories', fairy tales and traditional nursery rhymes. We will be starting with 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

For further information see our FS1 Curriculum Overview - 2019/20 Autumn 1.

FS1 Newsletters

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