FS1 Nursery and Little Teds 2018/19

Welcome to our lovely nursery!

Staff in FS1 (3 and 4 year olds) are:

Mrs Sue Shelley (Head of the Early Years and school Assistant Head)

Mrs Jayne Humphries (Teacher at the end of the week)

Key workers are Miss Emma Dolby (Full time)

Mrs Abby Ballin and Miss Hayley Minahan (Job share).

Staff in Little Teds (2 year olds) are:

Mrs Lisa Bower (Lead practitioner)

Miss Kirsty Shore and Miss Charlotte White

Autumn Term 1

Both nursery and Little Teds will be welcoming new children and helping them to settle in.

In Little Teds children will learn songs, listen to stories, use construction, get messy and explore our lovely outdoor area including our newly built pirate ship.

In nursery our topic title is 'Our Pets' and we will be looking at pets and learning about all the different pets our nursery families have.

Further information can found on our FS1 Curriculum Overview - 2018/19 Autumn 1 Term.