Year 3 2018/19

Welcome to Year Three!

The teachers this year are Miss Hughes and Miss France. Helping assist in our classroom will be Mr Hurst and Mrs Shutt. On Tuesday afternoon the children will be taught by Mrs Shutt for P4C and Mr McCaroll for P.E.

Our P.E days are on Tuesdays and Thursday, please make sure you have your P.E kits in school.

Weekly spellings will be handed out on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Homework menus willl also be handed out each half term.

Summer Term - Invade and Conquer

In Year 3 as part of our 'Invade and Conquer' topic we will start by journeying back in time to discover the Ruthless Romans and their impact on Britain at the time and the legacy it left us.

We will immerse ourselves into this fantastic topic by taking a visit to Murton Park to put these young recruits through a rigorous introduction to life in the Roman army. Equipped with their uniform, helmet, spear and shield, the young soldiers are put through their paces learning how a fort is built and laid out before going on to learn the skills of weapons training (using dummy weapons!), guard duty, craft work, and parade ground drill.

We will engage in the topic by investigating primary and secondary sources to discover how and why Britain was invaded. We will have the opportunity to compare and contrast a range of Roman artefacts, through taking on the role of archaeologists. We will also solve a Roman Murder Mystery 'Murder in the Roman Empire' where we will use the source of evidence and clues to identify what has happened at the scene of the crime.

Taking inspiration from the Romans, we will create our own Roman mosaics to decorate the new Roman baths. We will explore the building of Roman roads, colosseums and Hadrian's Wall to discuss how they have shaped Britain today. Later on in the term, we will explore Boudicca's rebellion against the Roman Empire and the effect this had on the breakdown of the empire by using drama to act out the invasion.

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview - 2018/19 Summer Term is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Summer Term is also available.

Spring Term - Catastrophe

Year 3 will be erupting, shaking and splashing their way through the Spring term with our natural disaster topic 'Catastrophe'.

In this topic we will be exploring different natural disasters, what causes them and the damage they can create and debate how this damage could be minimised in the future. We will have lots of fun creating towns to withstand an earthquake and creating our own model erupting volcanoes.

A visit to Magna's Earth, Wind, Fire and Water zones will surely capture our imaginations on our school trip this term. In science the children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate friction, magnetic materials and strengths of different types of magnets.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Spring Term is available to download.

Autumn Term - Through the Wardrobe

In our thrilling topic this term we will be exploring the Savage Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

For our immersion vehicle we will be using the amazing Narnia wardrobe to travel back in time, to the different historical periods.

We will take on the role of archaeologists and examine artefacts from a dig, we will use role-play to complete a range of exciting, challenging missions, we will even find a way to escape some rather scary sabre-toothed tigers in our Literacy writing.

To end the topic we will create a survival guide known as 'Survival of the Fittest' for Bear Grylls to use when he visits the Stone Age. Are you ready for an adventurous and exciting term, Year 3?

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview - 2018/19 Autumn Term is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Autumn Term is also available to download.

Useful websites - Autumn Term

Create your own cave art in the Ancient Britain section.

Learn all about the Stone Age, the hunter-gatherers and their lifestyles.

Find out how the Iron Age people lived and how they used iron.

Books to enjoy - Autumn Term

Stone Age Boy
Highly Recommended.
Fantastic picture book providing a first insight into stone age life.

Adventures in the Ice Age
Comic book time travelling adventures.

Ted Hughes - The Iron Man
Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction by the Iron Man and set a trap for him, but he cannot be kept down. In the end, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.

Life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age (A child's history of Britain)
This book examines daily life for children in Prehistoric Britain. Chapters focus on the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages, looking at family life, finding food, education, religion, art, culture and much more.

C.S Lewis - Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
A picture book re-telling of C.S Lewis's classic story. Four adventurous siblings step through a wardrobe door and into the land of Narnia, a land frozen in eternal winter. Only Aslan, the Great Lion, can reverse the wicked spell.