Year 3 2020/21

Welcome to Year Three!

In Year 3 we have lots of fun and exciting topics to look forward to throughout the year.

Joining class teachers Miss Glaves and Miss France in Year 3 are teaching assistants Mrs Myers and Mr Hurst. In addition, our team will be joined by Mrs Walker and Miss Willis who will be supporting the year group 3 days a week each.

Please try to limit the things your child is bringing to/from school. However, your child will need their full PE kit in school. Our PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Summer Term

Year 3 will be exploring the rule breakers of History in our Summer topic 'Rebellion'.

In History, the children will take on the role of a Roman or a Celt as they re-enact the Roman invasion of Britain and use sources to find out how the Roman's grew their empire and the bumps they experienced along the way, courtesy of Queen Boudicca.

Moving into the 20th/ 21st centuries, we will uncover the truths about the recent rebellious women, Kate Pankhurst and Malala Yousafzai, and the positive impact of their actions.

Inspired by Roman artwork, Year 3 will create their own mosaic tile design after exploring the colours and designs they used. As Scientists, we will be identifying and classifying the rocks we uncovered from our mini-dig and tackle the question, 'Did dinosaurs really exist?' as we explore the fossilisation process.

Year 3 will continue to develop their programming skills as they take to the computers and use scratch to create an instrument project which incorporates sound, motion and events.

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview - 2020/21 Summer Term is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2020/21 Summer Term is also available.

Spring Term

Year 3 will be erupting, shaking and splashing their way through the Spring term with our topic 'Catastrophe'.

In this topic, we will learn all about the different natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and tsunamis. We will discover how natural disasters can be triggered and study the devastating effects these disasters can cause.

Furthermore, we will explore the science behind volcanoes as we develop our understanding of different types of rocks. In addition, we will develop our understanding of fossils to tackle the question: 'Did dinosaurs really exist?'

The notion of catastrophe will also inspire the artwork of Year 3 as we use our creativity and flair to capture the effects of natural disasters.

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview - 2020/21 Spring Term is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2020/21 Spring Term is also available.

Autumn Term

In the Autumn term Year 3's topic will be Canines and Felines.

From Saber-tooth tigers to wolves and cavemen, Year 3 will explore how an animal's skeleton and muscles support, protect and enable them to move.

They will then travel through time from the savage stone age to the innovative iron age and reveal the daggers, danger and domestication of that era. They will be immersed into each stop on their journey: from experiencing cave life to uncovering artefacts in an archaeological dig - it is sure to be a exciting term!

They will also have the opportunity to create cave inspired artwork to tell the story of the hunter-gathers they have been learning all about!

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview - 2020/21 Autumn Term is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - 2020/21 Autumn Term is also available.