Year 6 2020/21

Welcome to Year 6 at Stradbroke!

No, Y6 is not all about SATs.

Y6 is also about exciting trips, life-changing experiences, a fabulous residential, a wonderful end-of-year performance, the most humorous staff in the school and so much more!


  • Mr Bavington - Class teacher and KS2 Lead
  • Mr Mills - Class teacher and PE Lead
  • Ms Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

Y6 Summer 2021

During the summer term, our wider curriculum topic will be, Dinosaurs vs. Humans: Extinction or Survival? within which we will compare the success of these different species in surviving and thriving on what was often (and still is!) a harsh and unforgiving planet.

We will begin by studying the fascinating timeline of the dinosaurs, focusing largely upon the Jurassic period, and trying to find out for once and for all why they became extinct, some 66 million years ago. (Or was it 67...?) We will then move on to the story of human evolution and explore the reasons why humans have - up until now, at least - evolved to dominate Earth.

Of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, many aspects of the usual Y6 summer term may not be as they usually would or indeed should be; nevertheless, we will endeavour to make sure that our children are able to have the memorable experiences that they so richly deserve.

Our Year 6 Summer 2020 Overview - Dinosaurs vs. Humans is available to download.

The Year 6 Home Learning - 2020/21 Summer Term is also available.

'Dinosaurs vs. Humans: Extinction or Survival?' Recommended Reading List:

Welcome to the Museum: Dinosaurium - Chris Wormell

Prehistoric: Actual Size - Steve Jenkins

The Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures - Emily Hawkins

Extreme Dinosaurs - Robert Mash

The Natural History Museum website has a particularly good directory of dinosaurs -

Y6 Spring 2021

During the Spring term, our topic will be: The Tropics - a study of key regions. We will commence by locating the Tropics through our geography learning, specifically Central and Southern America, Africa and Australia.

In addition to looking at the human and physical geography features of these areas, we will explore and debate the changing nature of this region, in relation to the impact that human 'progress' has had and is still having upon them. This will include the impact of the trade of natural resources upon these areas.

We hope that the children will have the opportunity to showcase their learning to the community in Art and DT and that we will be able to visit: a place of worship, Crucial Crew, the Showroom Cinema and at least one Higher Education provider during the term.

Our Year 6 Spring 2020 - The Tropics is available to download.

The Year 6 Home Learning - 2020/21 Spring Term is also available.

'The Tropics' Recommended Reading List:

Kensuke's Kingdom - Michael Morpurgo

Running Wild - Michael Morpurgo

The Great Kapok Tree - Lynne Cherry

The Explorer - Katherine Rundell

The Rainforests in 30 Seconds - Jen Green

Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson

The Vanishing Rainforest - Richard Platt

'The Tropics' Recommended Watch List:

BBC1 - 7 Worlds, 1 Planet (South America)

BBC1 - 7 Worlds, 1 Planet (Australia)

BBC - Tropic of Cancer with Simon Reeve

Plus ....... any one of a number of further BBC Attenborough programmes!


Y6 Autumn Term 2020!

During the Autumn term, our topic will be: Conflict. We will commence by looking at the origins and causes of WW1 and WW2, moving on to looking at how this conflict impacted upon the world at large and what its legacies proved to be.

We will then compare WW2 with - in turn - both the Falkland and Iraq Wars, focusing on any similarities or differences in terms of how the conflicts were fought, the reasons for them starting, how they were reported, resolved (if at all) and, again, their lasting impact. Through the lens of Sheffield itself, we will consider what impact these wars had on our local area.

If permissible - due to the current, national situation - the Y6 children will visit Eden Camp historical museum and the Imperial War Museum in Manchester to further develop their understanding of different conflicts and their lasting impact.

Our Year 6 Autumn 2020 - Conflict Overview is available to download.

The Year 6 Home Learning - 2020/21 Autumn Term is also available.

'Conflict' Recommended Reading List:

Carrie's War - Nina Bawden

Goodnight Mr Tom - Michelle Magorian

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne

Letters from the Lighthouse - Emma Carroll

Once - Morris Gleitzman

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit - Judith Kerr

The Lion and the Unicorn - Shirley Hughes

Rose Blanche - Ian McEwan

The Emergency Zoo - Miriam Halahmy

Hansel and Gretel - Anthony Browne


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