Home Learning

Home Learning During School Closure

To support parents / children during any period of closure as a result of coronavirus, we have provided some Home Learning Packs for each year group.

This page will be continuously updated throughout any period of closure.

All Yeargroups - Home Learning Activities

Chatta Club - Chatta Club provides free daily creative learning activities for children aged 5 to 11 who are unable to attend school due to the COVID-19 emergency. Children love the Chatta activities which include free access to Chatta's software. All Chatta activities promote storytelling, interaction and creativity.

SYoR Writing Competition - Year of Reading is delighted to announce the Love Sheffield, Luv competition in association with Hive South Yorkshire (open to everyone living, or working, in Sheffield).

Save the Children : Coronavirus - Information, Advice, Activities - Our coronavirus hub is designed to help kids and adults alike navigate through these difficult times. It's also full of stuff to help children keep learning, sharing, and growing while they're at home - and provide a bit of inspiration for us grown ups, too.

Music Home Learning Menu - Suitable for all ages. Why not have a go at one of our music activities whilst at home?