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Our Ofsted Inspection Reports

You can download our latest 2016 Ofsted Report:

Our latest and previous Ofsted Reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website.

Our Early Years provision (Little Teds) is inspected separately to main school.
Little Teds' Ofsted Report can be found on the Ofsted Early Years website, but can also be downloaded:


Parents can register their views of the school with OFSTED at Parentview.

The Guide for Parents explains the inspection process.

More information can be found on this Ofsted Leaflet and Poster.

Parent Feedback

Parent comments regarding the Y6 residential Nov 2015

"This is to express our appreciation to the entire management team on behalf of our child. On his return he told us of the good times he had, he has never stopped about talking about Kingswood. The activities, life without TV and other common electronic gadgets and in general the entire trip that showed him that after-all there can be life without all those things young people take for granted in this day and age. Thank you all for doing that for our children."

Parent comments regarding the Y1-3 Nativity Dec 2015

"It was an exceptionally well rehearsed and organised show. To watch our children go through the show without reading from a script with the perfection they presented was excellent. Thanks to all staff for making it a success."

Curriculum at Stradbroke Primary

More detailed information about the Curriculum at Stradbroke Primary can be found on our Curriculum page.

We've also created a Grid to map lessons/activities across the curriculum which can be accessed online by going to:

To view the grid you'll need to enter this password: stradbroke-guest

We have a range of downloadable booklets that describe our approach to teaching the various subjects on offer at Stradbroke Primary:

Educational 'Jargon Buster'

Acronyms and abbreviations are used frequently in documents about Schools and Education - the following 'Jargon Buster' list may help to decipher them!

Acronyms and abbreviations

SEND Statement

SEND Statement - Stradbroke Primary

As a school we aim to meet the needs of each pupil as an individual. Whether it is a learning difficulty, emotional or behavioural need, sensory impairment, we aim to support such identified children to the best of our ability. Children, who are identified as having additional educational needs, wherever possible, remain integrated within a class and are supported by an additional teaching assistant, working in a small group or a 1:1 scenario.

The school follows the guidelines set out by the Department for Education Code of Practice (2014) and ensure children experiencing special educational needs (SEN) are identified early, their needs planned for and provision made to ensure their needs are met. The level of support and provision provided will be dependent upon the level of need. For some children this may be low level in small groups and using the school's own resources. For other children, the degree of difficulty they are experiencing may indicate that they will require a higher level of extra support than school can provide from its own resources. For these children a more formal assessment is carried out by outside agencies and may lead to the application of an Education, Health and Care Plan.

All children receiving additional support will have their own small targets written in an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The Inclusion Manager, Special Needs Co-ordinator, the class teacher and the parents work closely so that the children have the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The school also maintains close relationships with Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists, the Health Service and Learning Support Service, who support the school during the stages of assessment.

The SEN Policy is available to download, or a paper copy is available from the school office.

Our SEN Information Report and SEN Definitions Leaflet are also available to download.

Further information

You may find the following links useful:

Pupil Premium & Sport Premium

DfE Guidance - What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is additional funding paid to schools in respect of their disadvantaged pupils (pupils who have been registered for free schools meals (FSM) at any point in the last six years or are looked after continuously by the local authority for more than six months). Schools receive this funding to support their eligible pupils and narrow the attainment gap between them and their peers. Our Pupil Premium Booklet explains this in greater detail

In the 2016 to 2017 financial year, schools receive:

  • £1,320 for each eligible primary-aged pupil
  • £935 for each eligible secondary-aged pupil

Funding to support looked-after children is £1,900 for each eligible pupil.

Further information from Ofsted about Pupil Premium can be found in their downloadable publication: Ofsted - The Pupil Premium.

To encourage parents to register their child(ren) for Pupil Premium, we are offering the chance to win a £50 Meadowhall Voucher PLUS a £100 voucher for JE James. Ask at reception for details.

Pupil Premium at Stradbroke Primary

Please read our report below to find out how we are spending our Pupil Premium money at Stradbroke to best support our children.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17

The following summary report details the impact of Pupil Premium on key results at Stradbroke Primary:

Pupil Premium Report 2015-2016

Sport Premium - Our Trust Vision Statement

Sport forms an integral part of a pupil's life at Stradbroke Primary School. The school's aim is to encourage healthy living, inclusion and ensure progression and enjoyment in all areas of Physical Education. Crucially, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to develop their potential to the very best of their abilities in competitive and non-competitive sports. For this reason we provide pupils with the opportunity to gain fulfilment and a love of sport which will stay with them for life.

Alongside the two PE lessons which pupils participate in each week, they are also encouraged to commit to at least one team sport in the after-school activities programme, (we work hard to provide pathways to local sports clubs, as well as community clubs), although pupils are encouraged to pursue other talents and interests as well. We provide access to School Games, as well as Forge School Sport Partnership competitions, for all year groups. Through competition and challenge we want pupils to be able to celebrate the occasions when they are successful, whilst realising that sportsmanship and fair play have a key role to play in the sporting world and their adult life. Our PE & Sport News page has details of our most recent sporting events.

We in our Trust Primary Schools believe in the value of P.E. and Sport. We have committed to buying the 'Elite' package of Forge School Sport Partnership with our 'P.E. and School Sport Grant [Sport Premium]. For more information about Forge SSP and the competitions we participate in, please refer to the Forge SSP website.

Sport Premium at Stradbroke Primary

Please read our reports below to find out how we are spending our Sport Premium money at Stradbroke ...

Sport Premium Strategy 2016/17

Sport Premium Spending 2015/16

Sport Premium Spending 2014/15

Sport Premium Spending 2013/14

... and the impact it had up to 2015:

Sports Premium Impact

Term Dates and Holidays 2017/18

Term Dates 2017/18

Term From To Days
Autumn 2017 Monday 4th September 2017 Friday 22nd December 2017 75
Spring 2018 Monday 8th January 2018 Thursday 29th March 2018 54
Summer 2018 Monday 16th April 2018 Tuesday 24th July 2018 66

Teacher Training Days 2017/18

Monday 4th September 2017 Friday 27th October 2017 Monday 8th January 2018
Monday 23rd July 2018 Tuesday 24th July 2018  

Holidays 2017/18

NB - these dates INCLUDE Teacher Training days when school will be closed to pupils.

Holiday School Closes at 3.15pm on School Opens at 8.50am on
    Tuesday 5th September 2017
October Half Term Thursday 26th October 2017
Monday 6th November 2017
Christmas Friday 22nd December 2017 Tuesday 9th January 2018
February Half Term Friday 16th February 2018 Monday 26th February 2018
Easter Thursday 29th March 2018 Monday 16th April 2018
May Day
(Monday 7th May 2018)
Friday 4th May 2018
Tuesday 8th May 2018
Spring Bank Holiday Friday 25th May 2018
Monday 4th June 2018
Summer Friday 20th July 2018  

School Meals at Stradbroke Primary

Taylor Shaw School Meal Menu

At Taylor Shaw we embrace the School Food Standards and plan imaginative and diverse menus to suit the needs of the children and your school.

Menus are not only delicious but packed full of energy and all the nutrients that children need to support their growth and learning. Menu and recipe ideas are brought to life in our kitchens by our creative team of experts.

Pupils are involved in every aspect of the menu planning from generating ideas to sampling the products.

Stradbroke Primary Menu - Summer 2017

Useful Links for Parents

Healthy Eating - Bear Nibbles

Have you seen the Bear Nibbles website?

It gives information about healthier eating for kids and in particular how much sugar etc is in fruit snacks we choose for our kids.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society (NAS) are the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families.

They provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism.

Autism Support Line

Sheffield Education Autism Team run a Support Line for Parents, Carers and Professionals.

It is available Monday to Thursday 1.00pm to 4.00pm (term time).

The telephone number is: 0114 2736567

The Sheffield Education Autism Team Support Line poster is available to download.

Sparkle Sheffield - Autism support group for parents

Sparkle Sheffield have 5 different parent support groups running in 5 different venues as well as a play evening for autistic children and their siblings. We certainly are a parent group with a difference. Sparkle Sheffield will not just aim at helping and supporting our beautiful extra special children but it will also be helping and supporting their parents too.

Having a child with autism can be very difficult and an extremely challenging experience and the only person who really understands what you are going through is another parent. Autism affects all different cultures from all different backgrounds but unfortunately all parents have the same problems due to lack of support and understanding. Sparkle Sheffield will be tackling these problems head on by bringing knowledge to our parents.

We really hope you are all able to join us in raising awareness for Autism.

Amy's House

Amy's House is a respite centre for families with children, from 5-18 years old, who have special needs and is based in the heart of the local community at Ballifield Primary School in Sheffield.


Many of our children need additional support to understand the spoken word. A great resource for this is the use of Makaton which supports by using signs and symbols alongside the spoken word.

Please visit for further information about Makaton which we are increasingly using in school.

This Makaton Information Sheet explains more about Makaton and the help available.

Feelings Faces

Children with autism often find it difficult to distinguish the emotions of others or to describe how they themselves feel.

Please use these emotions faces (if they are useful) to support your child.


Unravel is a Sheffield-based children's emotional and behavioural psychology consultancy, that aims to unravel children's behavioural difficulties and develop happier children.

Websites that support special educational needs children and their families