Pupil Voice


Each child in school belongs to one of our squads. The Y6 children (if they want to) can apply for the position of Squad Leaders.

We changed our name from Tribes to Squads because the Governors had questioned whether the term 'tribes' gave the feeling of competition and war.

First we took some new ideas of names to the Senior Leadership Team and had a vote. The term 'squads' won, we felt this focused more on learning than just on competition.

Then we relaunched the squads through a whole school assembly and had votes for animals to symbolise each group. Each squad's animal has certain characteristics/learning attributes.

Spring - Springboks They are intelligent and agile so we will develop ways to solve a problem. We try to think outside the box!
Summer - Cheetahs They are resilient so we will keep going to achieve our targets and persevere even when things get tough.
Autumn - Foxes They are cunning and clever. They work together to achieve a goal. We will work together in our learning.
Winter - Snow Leopards They are independent and work alone. We will rely on ourselves to solve problems using the resources we have at hand to help us.

Two children from each team are chosen to represent their team in a range of responsibilities in school. They have to prepare a manifesto, speak in front of the team - outlining the characteristics they feel they can bring to the role and the team then cast their votes.

Squad Leaders 2017-18

Spring - Springboks Evie B Tyler M
Summer - Cheetahs Samina A Hadi A
Autumn - Foxes Jack B Macy-Rae R
Winter - Snow Leopards Rianna R Ellie C

School Council

Our school council representatives are voted in by their classes (Y2-Y6). They have responsibilities in school including; presenting ideas and requesting funding from the governing body and friends of the school, attending school to school debates, working on maintaining the school grounds and working to support charities supported by the school.

The school council have been fundamental in deciding key changes in school such as what colours to paint the school library and what to spend money on to improve the school environment.

Our School Council for 2016-17 are:

Prime Minister Josh M
Deputy Prime Minister Grace F
Y2 Harry T Evie T-L    
Y3 Lucas H Kiah M    
Y4 Jay B Ellie B Heidi S Emmie C
Y5 Ziva B Korben W    
Y6 Deyjah P Shayna D Elijah W  

The Role of School Council

The school council are incredibly involved in the day to day decisions being made in school.

These are some of the projects or decisions we have been involved in so far:

  • Working with Governors to improve signage and parking round school on 30th November.
  • Food tasting to help design a new menu with Taylor Shaw on 4th December.
  • Working with Taylor Shaw (our catering company) on 19th January to improve school dinners and communicate between them and the school. We then presented this information in a whole school assembly on 1st February.
  • Taking suggestions from classes to develop projects to improve the school learning environment.

Future projects include:

  • Working with the Senior Leadership Team to develop and monitor the Learners' code and privileges that can be earned.
  • Leading the 'Herd for Sheffield Project' within the school to raise money for the Children's Hospital.
  • Developing a pond and nature area within the school grounds.
  • Working with the Senior Leadership team to agree arrangements for national and local charity events.