Staff at Stradbroke Primary School

Teaching Staff 2017/18

Headteacher Mr J Sitch Drawn by:
Asharni S
Deputy Headteacher
Year 4 Teacher
Mr S Nash Drawn by:
Assistant Headteacher
Early Years Co-ordinator
Nursery Teacher
Mrs S Shelley Drawn by:
Reception Teacher Miss H Spick Drawn by:
Kiah M
Reception Teacher Miss E Anderson Drawn by:
Ava P
Year 1 Teacher Mrs J Barnes Drawn by:
Year 1 Teacher Miss K Crowder Drawn by:
Year 2 Teacher
KS1 Leader
Miss K Herrington Drawn by:
anonymous artist
Year 2 Teacher Miss C Hastings Drawn by:
Year 3 Teacher Miss A Kruzynska Drawn by:
Year 3 Teacher Miss R Hughes Drawn by:
Year 4 Teacher
KS2 Computing teacher
Mr A Sandrey Drawn by:
Year 4 Teacher Ms A King Drawn by:
Year 4 Teacher
Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Nash Drawn by:
Year 5 Teacher Mrs J Jasper
Drawn by:
Lacey B
Year 5 Teacher Mr T Mills Drawn by:
Year 6 Teacher
Lower KS2 Leader
Miss R Garwell Drawn by:
Year 6 Teacher
Upper KS2 Leader
Mr D Bavington Drawn by:
IR Leader Miss L Ambler Drawn by:
IR Teacher Mrs C Aspinwall Drawn by:
Charlotte R
Numbers Count Maths project Mrs S Willis Drawn by:
Dylan M
Intervention/PPA Teacher Mrs J Humphries Drawn by:
Harry F
Intervention/PPA Teacher Mrs A Pringle Drawn by:
anonymous artist
Intervention/PPA Teacher Mrs K Walker Drawn by:
anonymous artist
Intervention/PPA Teacher Ms C Martin Drawn by:
Intervention/PPA Teacher Ms B Jarvis Drawn by:

Non-teaching Staff

Educational Support staff - Little Teds Mrs L Bower, Miss C White, Miss K Shore
Educational Support staff: Miss J Ross-Fraser, Miss E Dolby, Mr S Wright, Mrs K Mosley, Mrs E Woodthorpe, Ms G Read, Miss C Colnic, Mrs R Hines, Mr J Rawling, Miss S White, Miss C Harrison, Mrs N Myers, Mrs C Stagg, Mr A McCarroll, Mrs G Shutt, Miss G Hale, Mrs A Staves, Mr J Hunt, Mrs A Walker, Mrs C Spelton, Mrs T Booth, Mrs A Crowther, Ms H Shepherd, Mrs C Robinson.
Mat Leave: Miss H McGregor, Miss A Ballin.
Learning Mentor Mrs K Cockayne
Educational Welfare Officer Miss E Ginty
Finance and Administration Officer
PA to Headteacher
Mrs S Barker
Clerical Assistant Mrs K Fielding
Administrative Assistant Mrs K Bloom
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants Mrs L Cockayne, Miss R Farrell, Mrs J Hurlstone, Miss K Newton, Mrs G Saunders, (as well as a number of Teaching Assistants)
Cleaners Mrs J Brogan, Mrs J Moxam, Mrs C Needham, Mrs J Taylor, Miss A White, Miss J White, Miss Jill White
Building Supervisor Mr M Robbins