Stradbroke Primary & City Trust Status

About City Trust Status

Stradbroke Primary School is a part of the City Community Learning Trust (CCLT). This is a group of four schools who have joined together to benefit the young people and their families in our community. The four schools are Intake Primary, Woodthorpe Community Primary, Woodhouse West Primary and ourselves. The trust formally came into existence in January 2011.

The symbol of the trust, which will by now be familiar to you all, reflects the equal partnership of the four schools working together. All four schools are committed to collaborating and taking opportunities to work together, share our expertise and resources and support each other to provide excellent learning opportunities for all.

Whilst all four schools retain their independence and own unique identity, many opportunities are taken where the staff can meet up to plan and discuss further improvements. Currently, the maths leaders from all four schools are regularly meeting to develop a common approach to the teaching of calculations. This will support all our learners and ensure that when pupils transfer from primary to secondary, they can do so safe in the knowledge that teaching approaches in maths will be familiar and appropriate. Additionally, the Headteachers from the schools meet regularly to discuss current issues and the strategic direction of the trust, amongst many other things!

We are sure you will see the benefit for your children in working in this way as the trust develops. If you have any further questions about the trust, please contact us at school.