Stradbroke Primary Year Groups

FS1 - Nursery and Little Teds

2017/18 Autumn 2 Term

This term up to Christmas we are exploring pattern using stories such as 'Pants', 'Socks' and 'My Mum and Dad make me laugh' by Nick Sharratt.

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FS2 - Reception

2017/18 Autumn Term

Our topic this half term is 'Super-me!!'.

The children will be attending 'Stradbroke Superhero School', in order to learn all about being SUPER!

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Year 1

2017/18 Autumn 2 Term

Our topic is 'Come Fly With Me' and is centred around different modes of flight. We will be learning about a fictional story called The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.

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Year 2

2017/18 Autumn 2 Term

In our thrilling topic this half term we will be exploring the Polar Regions. We will be immersing ourselves in Antarctica specifically looking at climate, animals and explorers who have travelled there.

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Year 3

2017/18 Autumn Term

In our thrilling topic this term we will be exploring the savage Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

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Year 4

2017/18 Autumn Term

Join us as we delve into the curse of the mummy in Ancient Egypt. Here we will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt, its ancient civilisation and the significance it had on the world.

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Year 5

2017/18 Autumn Term

Throughout the Autumn term, the children will be learning about Ancient Greece. During this topic, we shall investigate various social, cultural and political issues and analyse how these changes have impacted on the way we live today.

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Year 6

2017/18 Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, we will be studying the Second World War. We will look at Life on the Home Front, Evacuees and Rationing, the Role of Women and the Holocaust.

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Integrated Resource

2017/18 Autumn Term

Welcome back to the 2017/18 Academic Year! Our class page will be updated shortly ...